Personalised E-mail addresses, why bother?

We work with many individuals and SMEs, we often get asked why do we need our own email, can’t we just use Free email providers out there?

Well of course it’s up to you what email service you use, however we feel that many customers miss this opportunity to elevate their professional reputation with a personalised e-mail address.

With free e-mails users are only able to choose the front part of the address that is, if it’s even available. Otherwise most will have to opt for

A personalised email allows you to create your own unique address i.e.

There are many advantages to registering a domain name and creating a personalised email. We feel that its shows a clear and great first time impressions to your customers, it also shows that you are established and professional.
It creates a sense of security for new potential customers and gives them reassurance to who they are contacting and lastly it’s inexpensive and easy to do..!